Awards, Honors, Fellowships

2022-23 Awards, Honors & Fellowships
  • Region 9 Rising Fellowship at Moreno Valley College
    • Amanda Riggle
  • Colorado College Postdoctoral Fellowship
    • Preston Waltrip
2021-22 Awards, Honors & Fellowships
  • Lindon Barrett Memorial Award for Black Studies (Traise Yamamoto (Chair), Mark Minch de Leon & Emma Stapley)

    ○    Winner: Evan Duncan, “You’re not ready to be—”: Lorraine Hansberry and Les Blancs”

  • Emory Elliott Memorial Award  (Vorris Nunley & Sherryl Vint)
    • Graduate Winner: Leslie Fernandez, "Do Androids Dream  of Racialization?: Techno-Orientalism and the Android Imaginary”
  • Graduate Essay Awards (Traise Yamamoto & Armando Garcia)
    • FIRST PLACE:  Allie Reichert, “Reading Intimacy, Reading Intimately: Trauma and Response in Real Life”
    • SECOND PLACE: Amy Juarez,  ““keep us healthy”: Architectural Caretaking Leon Battista Alberti’s De re aedificatoria”
    • THIRD PLACE: K Persinger Rethinking Re-Creation: Entertainment, Active Spectatorship, and the FMV
  • Outstanding TA Award (Andrea Denny-Brown & Keith Harris)
    • Leslie Fernandez
  • Dissertation Year Program Fellowship (DYP)
    • Summer Sutton
    • Stef Torralba
    • Soraya Zarook 
  • Graduate Mentorship Program (GRMP)
    • Gabriela Almendarez
  • Barricelli Memorial Dissertation Fellowship
    • Brittany Carlson
  • Francis Bacon Foundation Scholar, Huntington Library 
    • Tara Dybas
  • NHC Summer Residency; Outstanding Teacher Assistant, UWP  
    • Robyn Johnson 
  • Fellow, 2022 MCUAAAR/PRBA Summer Mentoring Workshop for Advanced Doctoral Students,  (University of Michigan)
    • Jasmine Moore
  • 2022 Walter James Miller Award from International Association for the Fantastic in the Arts; Humanities Graduate Student Research Grant from the Univ. of California Riverside
    • Sanh Keun Yoo
  • 2021 National Women's Studies Association's Graduate Scholarship
    • Misha Choudhry