Learning Assessments & Outcomes

Assessment Tools
The English department will maintain an archive of student exams and papers including final exams from English 20A-B-C; papers from English 102; final papers from English 193 (Senior Seminar); and English Department essay contest submissions. Each year the Undergraduate Committee, a standing department committee chaired by the Undergraduate Advisor, will meet to assess one learning outcome by reviewing the archive for evidence of competency in that area. The committee will set criteria for assessing competency in the given learning outcome. The committee will report results with recommendations to the full English department the quarter following the assessment.

Learning Outcomes

  • Familiarity with American, British, and Anglophone Literary Traditions
  • Knowledge of other forms of cultural production
  • Critical awareness of the role of ethnicity, race, class, gender and sexuality in these traditions
  • Ability to apply appropriate critical methodologies to analyze a text or context
  • Ability to write complex and persuasive expository prose