Sarah Lozier

Co-Coordinator, Critical Digital Humanities 2013-14

B.A.: English, University of Miami, 2009
M.A.: English, University of California, Riverside, 2012


Jennifer Doyle (Chair), James Tobias, Steven Gould Axelrod

Research Areas:

Visual Media and Performance Studies; Digital Media and Technoculture Studies; 20th-21st century American literature; Identity and/as Language Construction in Contemporary Visual and Performance Art; Text and/as Image in Digital Media 1970s-today

Research Interests:

My research is primarily concerned with the use of visually-aural and aurally-visual language that resists easy categorization within a communicative signifying economy. As such, I’m interested in the multi-modality and multi-mediacy of language, operating as visual, aural, and/or oral media across literary, visual, performance, and digital art. Within linguistically experimental art, I am concerned with the ways upsetting this signifying economy allows us to represent and understand conflicting and changing notions of our selves, our identities, and our world, particularly in this contemporary era of the rising ubiquity of digital media objects and spaces.

Recent Activity:

Short Publications

“Accessing the (In)Accessible: Considering Digital Databases and Archives.” Media Commons, April 5, 2013.


“The Biopolitics of Avant-Garde Poetry: Considering Christian Bok’s Xenotext Project.” Pacific Ancient and Modern Language Association. Bahia Resort Hotel, San Diego, CA, 2013. Paper Presentation.

“Visual Design for the Digital Humanities.” Digital Humanities Summer Institute. University of Victoria, Victoria, Canada. 2013. Seminar Series.

“Race and Social Media: Now They’re Out in Cyberspace and Everyone Can See.” Society for Cinema and Media Studies. Drake Hotel, Chicago, IL, 2013. Paper Presentation.

“Of Babeling Numerous: Layers, Piles, and Towers in George Oppen’s Objectivist Poetry.” Pacific Ancient and Modern Language Association. University of Seattle, Seattle, WA, 2012. Paper Presentation.


Graduate Student Co-Coordinator, Critical Digital Humanities Mellon Foundation Research Group, 2013-2014.

Co-Chair, Encounters With(in) Texts: 2013 (dis)junctions Humanities and Social Sciences Graduate Conference, UC Riverside, Apr 2013.

Treasurer, Graduate Students of English Association, 2011-2012.

Support Team Founding Member, Graduate Students of English Association, 2010-2011.