Sang-Keun Yoo


Sang-Keun Yoo is a PhD student in English at the University of California, Riverside, whose research focuses on intersections between postcolonialism and posthumanism as evidenced in contemporary science fiction. As a Fulbright scholar from South Korea, his current research examines decolonizing posthuman and poststructural discourses by focusing on neocolonial bio- and necropolitics. He got a BA in English and Philosophy at Seoul National University, graduating Cum Laude. A chapter of his Masters dissertation was published in American Studies produced by the American Studies Institute at Seoul National University. He writes non-fiction and fictional works in Korean; his non-fiction book focusing on the Korean education system published in Seoul and his fiction has been published in Chungsan Literature. He currently serves as vice-president of the Graduate Students of English Association. He also worked as a research assistant for various international conferences with the American Studies Association of Korea and the American Studies Institute of Seoul National University.



PhD Student, English, University of California, Riverside, 2016-

MA, English Literature, Seoul National University, 2014

BA, English Literature/Philosophy (Cum Laude), Seoul National University, 2011



“‘The Most Possible Form of the Fairy Tale’: Henry James’s Ghost Stories and Reality.” Master’s dissertation. Seoul National University, 2014.

“Henry James’s Ghost Stories of the 1890s and Reality.” American Studies (American Studies Institute at Seoul National University) 37.2 (2014): 111-57.

“The Sunshine of Secret and Camera: Chang-Dong Lee’s Secret Sunshine.” Seoul National University News, Dec. 2007.



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“Gwanggo Sok-ei Bunshin” (“Your Alter Ego in the Commercial”). Creative writing (novel), Chungsan Literature. Seoul: Chungsan, 2011.



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“Nationalism and Escapism in PSY’s ‘Gangnam Style’ Music Video,” Long Beach Indie Film, Media & Music Conference, Sep. 2017. Long Beach, California.

“Time Travel and Justice of the Past within South Korean Science-Fiction Film and Drama,” Inter-Asia Cultural Studies Society(IACSS), Jul. 2017. Seoul, South Korea

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“Immigrants, the Abject of the Nation,” International Conference of American Studies Association of Korea, Sep. 2012. Seoul, South Korea.



“Nostalgia, Escapism, and the Sub-Imperialistic Desire: Science Fiction Popular Culture in South Korea Post-2010,” Undergraduate class at UCLA titled “Perceptions of the United States Abroad.” May. 24th. 2017.



Fulbright Fellowship, Institute of International Education, 2016-2020

Graduate Student Instructor Scholarship, Seoul National Univ., 2012-2014

Superior Academic Performance Scholarship, Seoul National Univ., 2006-2011



Chungsan Literature Prize for Novel Writing, Chungsan, 2011

Superior Paper Award, Center for Teaching and Learning, Seoul National University, 2010

Superior Prize of Film Criticism, University Literature Prize, Seoul National University, 2007



“Transformations of Mourning and Trauma in Language, Film and Performance,” (Dis)Junctions, Oct. 2017. Riverside, California.

“Cognitively Estranged Literature; Bridges of Narrative, Form, and Expression between Korea and the United States,” Inter-Asia Cultural Studies Society(IACSS), Jul. 2017. Seoul, South Korea.



Kim, Kyung Ju. I Am a Season that Does Not Exist in the World. Boston: Black Ocean. 2015. Co-translation with Jake Levine.

Ha, Ilji. “South Koreans and Adultery.” International NY Times, Apr. 1, 2014. (



Graduate Students of English Association at UCR                                      Sep 2017-Aug 2018

Vice President                                                                                                                     Riverside

American Studies Association of Korea                                                           Jan 2012-Jan 2013

Program and Research Assistant                                                                                             Seoul

  • Assisted the editor to edit and proofread Journal of American Studies
  • Assisted program organization and schedules for international conferences, the American Culture Lecture Series, the 32nd Annual American Studies Forum, and the 64th International Program for College Students
  • Organized Thursday Lecture Series of American Culture with the U.S. embassy in Korea

American Studies Institute of Seoul National Univ.                                   Aug 2011-Aug 2012

Research Assistant                                                                                                                    Seoul

  • Assisted the editor to edit and proofread an academic journal, American Studies
  • Organized and assisted programs and schedules for 2012 International conference “The United States in East Asia”

Philosophy and Art for Our Lives                                                                  Jan 2013-Dec 2015

Founder and Lecturer                                                                                                               Seoul

  • Private education institute teaching philosophy and art for youth and parents
  • Developed and wrote 12 books of teaching material
  • Developed educational programs and organized summer and winter schools



Seoul National University                                                                               Dec 2012-Dec 2014

Teaching Assistant and Graduate Student Instructor                                                              Seoul

  • American Poetry                                                                                                           Autumn 2014
  • Advanced English: Culture and Society                                                                      Spring 2014
  • Readings in Classics 2                                                                                                     Spring 2014
  • Understanding American Culture and Society            Summer, Winter 2013, Summer 2014
  • College English 2: Writing                                                                                             Spring 2013
  • American Literature up to 1900                                                                                   Winter 2012



Korean (native); French and German (passed for the second language qualification); Japanese (reading proficiency)