Rudi Kraeher

B.A., English & Spanish, Temple University, 2011
M.A., English with Distinction, University of California, Riverside, 2014
Research Areas:

Performance Studies, Film and Visual Culture, Space and Place, Speculative and Utopian methodologies, Critical Race Theory, Latino Studies, Alternative Theories of Visuality

Research Interests:

My research is focused on conceptual artwork that theorizes alternative forms of visuality, vision, and the visible, especially in relation to histories of racialized and gendered violence. If Western cultural forms have historically developed and deployed photographic and cinematic technologies as tools for disciplining difference, I am invested in exploring cultural production and cultural theory that imagines what we might group under the general rubric of the “alternative.” Some of the keywords and concepts I am working with include: smoke, erasure, opacity, space and place, masochism, disorientation, noise, abjection, erotics, blurriness, zooming, (in)visibility, the photographic, and visual aurality. A few preliminary questions I am asking might be: How can “straight” and clear vision be disrupted and obscured? What are the implications for a politics of obscurity and opacity? What is the role of sound in apparently “visual” texts like photographs? My archive includes artists and filmmakers that are always also operating as theorists: Isaac Julien, Ken Gonzales-Day, Asco, Ricardo Valverde, ADÁL, Ana Mendieta, Guillermo Gómez-Peña, Kent Monkman, Langston Hughes, Sandra de la Loza, Essex Hemphill, and Richard Bruce Nugent. Samuel Delany is always and everywhere in my thinking.

Recent Activity:


Book Review: Two Spirit Acts: Queer Indigenous Performances by Jean O’Hara. Diálogo 19.1 (Spring 2016)

Book Review: Visiones de lo fantástico by David Roas and Patricia García. Journal of the Fantastic in the Arts 26.2 (2015)

Interview: Interview with Afrofuturist/Comic Artist John Jennings. The Eaton Journal of Archival Research in Science Fiction (November 2015)

Essay: “Soldadera: Memory Machine.” KCET Artsbound (June 2015)

Review-Essay: Neoliberalism, Posthumanism, and Memory in Latin American SF and Technoculture Studies. Science Fiction Studies 41.3 (November 2014)

Conference Presentations

“‘Micro-theater,’ Happenings, and the Performative Utopian in Samuel Delany’s Trouble on Triton,” Utopian Studies Conference, Montréal, Québec, October 2014

“Bear Studies: Carlee Fernandez’s Autoportraits in Skin and Fur.” Pacific Ancient and Modern Language Association, Portland, OR. November 2015

“‘To share, not to surrender’: Masochism, Drag, and Historical Reenactment in the Museum.” American Studies Association, Toronto, Canada. October 2015.

“Metastasis and the Encyclopedia: Two models of literacy in Rodrigo Fresán’s Mantra.” UCR Hispanic Studies Graduate Student Conference, Riverside, CA. April 2015.

“‘Micro-theater,’ Happenings, and the Performative Utopian in Samuel Delany’s Trouble on Triton.” Society for Utopian Studies, Montréal, Québec, CA. October 2014.

“Impossible Geometries: Spatial Disorientation in Digital Art.” Pacific Ancient and Modern Language Association, Riverside, CA. October 2014.

“Sun Ra’s Equational Poetics.” (Dis)junctions. Riverside, CA. April 2014.

“Kissing the Sky: Unearthly Techniques and Technologies in the Music of Jimi Hendrix.” Intl. Conference on the Fantastic in the Arts. Orlando, FL. March 2014.