Nicholas Clark

BA in English Literature and Secondary Education, High Point University, 2013.
MA in American Culture Studies, Bowling Green State University, 2018.
Research Areas:

Speculative Fiction, Cognitive Narratology and Poetics, Philosophy of Evolution and Paleontology, Monstrosity, American Literature.

Research Interests:

My research concerns the ways in which Darwinian evolutionary theory is narrativizes and understood in American speculative fiction. Specifically, I engage in discourses and narratives featuring dinosaurs and prehistory, arguing that they utilize iconographic and narrative elements commonly associate with traditional dragon lore. I am interested in how evolutionary and dinosaur narratives influence the public debate over evolution and creationism and human relationships with animals and the environment.

Conference Presentations:

“’Let Them Fight’”: A Biocultural Perspective on Kaiju Films,” Ray Browne Conference,
Bowling Green, Ohio, 2018.