Mariam Galarrita

M.A. English, California State University, Fullerton
B.A. English, California State University, Fullerton

Research Areas

16th and 17th Century English Literature | Premodern Critical Race Studies | Anglo-Asian Contact | Techno-Orientalism

Research Interests

My research is deeply rooted in pre-modern critical race studies. In one current project, Asians in the Archives, I explore racial ideologies emerging from travel, such as racialization processes and the capitalization of race, particularly along the Pacific Rim. A second project I am working on looks at race and human trafficking in the early modern period.

My scholarly conversations go beyond the page, however. To initiate and foster conversations and pedagogies on race in the premodern period at UCR, I began the Premodern Critical Race Studies Speaker Series. This series debuts Fall 2019 with a full lineup: Dr. Ambereen Dadabhoy, Dr. Geraldine Heng, Dr. Arthur Little, and Dr. Ian Smith.

To maintain and broaden this conversation across California universities, I am currently co-organizing a symposium to complement the PCRS Speaker Series.

Twitter: @margalarrita
I follow these conversations: #ShakeRace #MedievalTwitter #RaceB4Race #LitPOC

Recent Activity

2018-2019 Outstanding Teaching Award
2018-2019 University Writing Program TA Assistant Director Fellowship
2015 Dean’s Distinguished Fellowship