Mackenzie Gregg

B.A. in the Humanities, Fairhaven College of Interdisciplinary Studies (2012)
M.A. in English with Distinction, University of California, Riverside (2014)


Susan Zieger (Chair), Joseph Bristow (UCLA), Jennifer Doyle

Research Areas:

Victorian Literature and Culture, Queer and Feminist Theory, Aesthetics, Affect, Visual Culture

Research Interests:

I am interested in Victorian emotion, embodiment and eroticism. Particularly, to what extent are emotions historically specific, and how do discursive forces shape the extent to which they are possible or legible? In what ways did Victorians maintain nationalist ideologies through public feeling, and in what ways did feeling exceed or complicate such divisions? What is the relationship between art, the literary arts, and emotion? I consider these questions through the study of Victorian aesthetic writing, focusing on fin de siècle works by figures like Vernon Lee, Oscar Wilde, Amy Levy, Walter Pater, and John Ruskin. Related interests include queer form and temporality, cosmopolitanism and travel, animal studies, urban studies, French studies, Decadence, 20th and 21st century Victorianisms, illness as metaphor, the aesthetics of incarceration, queer of color critique, and queer cinema.

Recent Activity:

Short Publications –

Review: Gothic Machines: Textualities, Precinematic Media and Film in Popular Visual Culture, 1670-1910, by David J. Jones. Science Fiction Studies 41.3 (November 2014).

Conference Presentations –

“On Colonial Disease, Disgust, and Being Touched: British Responses to Father Damien’s Leprosy-Related Death, 1889.” North American Victorian Studies Association, Honolulu, HI. July, 2015.

“Zola’s Tableaux Vivants as Spaces of Transgression.” Nineteenth Century Studies Association, Boston, MA. April, 2015.

“Beyond Cleveland Street: London’s Telegraph Boys and the Queer Underground.” Gender, Sexuality and Power Conference. California State University, Los Angeles. May, 2014.

“In the Wound, the Question is Answered”: Risk and Representation in Derek Jarman’s Caravaggio.” Pacific Ancient and Modern Language Association. San Diego, November 2013.

“Indeterminate Machines, or, Warhol’s Failures.” UCR Art History Graduate Conference: Repetition. Riverside, May 2013.

Conference Moderation –

“Queerness and Animality.” Pacific Ancient and Modern Language Association. Portland, OR. November, 2015.

“Architecture and Aesthetics.” North American Victorian Studies Association. Honolulu, HI. July, 2015.

“Decadent Assemblage, Decadent Legacies.” Victorian Interdisciplinary Studies Association of the Western United States, California State University, Fullerton. October, 2014.

“Irreverent Art History.” (Dis)Junctions Conference, U.C.R. April, 2014.

“Queer Theory.” (Dis)Junctions Conference, U.C.R. April, 2014.

“Embodiment.” (Dis)Junctions Conference, U.C.R. April, 2013.

Guest Lectures –

“Jean Michel Charcot and the Photographic Iconography of the Salpêtrière.” English 1C, Hysterical Narratives. Instructor Rudi Kraeher (S 2015).

“Victorian Poetry, at Home and Abroad.” English 20A, Introduction to British Literature. Professor Stanley Stewart (F 2014).

“Madame Baudelaire Takes the Stage: Rachilde, Female Authorship and Decadent Performance.” English 172T, Studies in Victorian Literature: Decadence. Professor Susan Zieger (F 2014).

“A Brothel of Images: J.G. Ballard’s Crash and Visual Culture.” English 179B, History of Fantasy and Horror: Neo-Gothic Lit. and Film. Professor Rob Latham (S 2014).

Our Mutual Friend and Victorian Conduct Manuals.” English 128M, Major Authors: Dickens. Dr. Margaret Gover (F 2012).

“The Ghost of Revolution Past: French History and the English Present in A Tale of Two Cities.” English 128M, Major Authors: Dickens. Dr. Margaret Gover (F 2012).

Service –

Co-Coordinator, Queer Lab, University of California, Riverside (2015-16)

Co-organizer, Global 19th Century Conference, University of California, Riverside (2015)

Representative, U.C.R. Graduate Students in English Association (2013-14)