Lauren Hammond

B.A. Literature and Writing, Cal State University, San Marcos, CA 2014

M.A., English and Comparative Literature, San Diego State University, CA 2017

Research Areas:

Digital Media Studies, Gender and Sexuality Studies, Cultural and Sub-Cultural Studies, Critical Race Studies

Research Interests:

My work focuses on the materiality of gender, sexuality, and identity in the punk subculture. In my research, I look to indicate the potentials for digital networking and archiving practices in essence of taking the non-commodified or less-appropriated practices of feminist punk and zine production as a network model of both digital cultural production as well as the production of feminist digital publics. I examine the digital manifestations of what it means to be a woman existing in the hegemonic spaces of digital technologies.

Recent Activity:

I recently presented my work on Radical Materialisms at the annual Boston College Conference in April 2019. I also delivered a paper at UCR’s first annual Punk Conference in May 2019.