Kathy Hardman

GSEA Secretary and Treasurer, 2014-15

B.A. University of Redlands, 2010
M.A. Arizona State University, 2012

Research Areas:

Medieval and Early Modern Literature, Middle English, Intimacy, Sexuality, Queer Theory

Research Interests:

My interests are in the Medieval and the Early Modern periods, particularly from the fourteenth through the early seventeenth centuries. More specifically, I am fond of Chaucer, Marlowe, medieval conduct poetry, some Medieval Romance, epilions, and other Ovidian poems. I focus on sexuality and the social apparatus surrounding its representations including gender, the Couple, marriage, courtship, love, intimacy, touch/sensation and affect. My perspective on these issues is largely theoretical and aesthetic. I have further interests in the history of the English language, Middle English dialects, historic reading practices and Oral Poetics.

Recent Activity:

Conference Presentations –

“Encountering the Couple in Christopher Marlowe’s Hero and Leander,” (Dis)junctions Conference, UC Riverside, 2013