Jennie Friedrich

B.A., M.A. Western Washington University


Andrea Denny-Brown (Chair), John Ganim, Michelle Raheja, Stanley Stewart, Sherri Johnson

Research Areas:

Disorientation and Embodiment in Medieval Travel Narratives, Manuscript Studies, Postcolonial Theory (Theories of Incorporation/Cannibalism), Travel Literature

Research Interests:

Jennie Friedrich is writing her dissertation on the cannibalization of bodies in medieval travel narratives: how traveling bodies, both literal and cultural, come into contact with each other in ways that threaten the boundaries of identity. She is focusing on how the form and content of these narratives reflect a desire to frame the traveler’s experiences in ways that reinforce the traveler’s cultural boundaries, even as he ventures into strange lands and studies strange cultures. She approaches these texts via three primary theoretical avenues: manuscript studies, New Formalism, and postcolonial theory.

Recent Activity:

Review of Venice Disputed: Marc’Antonio Barbaro and Venetian Architecture. Comitatus: A Journal of Medieval and Renaissance Studies 43.1 (2012): 208-210.

Review of Persecution, Plague, and Fire: Fugitive Histories of the Stage in Early Modern England. Comitatus: A Journal of Medieval and Renaissance Studies 43.1 (2012): 222-225.

“When a Body Beats a Body: Rethinking ‘Stuffness’ and Religious Laughter in the Absent Marian Play Fergus.” Paper presented at the Pacific Ancient and Modern Language Association Conference at Seattle University. (Fall 2012)

Coordinated and presented on the “Medieval and Early Modern Mediation: Composition and Materiality” panel at University of California, Riverside’s (dis)junctions Graduate Conference. (Spring 2012)

“Converting the Monster: Imagined Racial Geographies in the Legend(s) of Saint Christopher.” Paper presented at the International Congress on Medieval Studies at Western Michigan University. (Spring 2012)

“God in a Body: Loki’s Inescapable Corporeality in Snorri Sturleson’s The Prose Edda.” Paper presented at the Medieval Association of the Pacific meeting at the University of Puget Sound. (Spring 2010)

Service –

Presiding Officer, PAMLA, Medieval Literature Standing Session, 2013

Fundraising Committee, (dis)junctions 2012

Best of Composition Selection Committee, 2012

Coordinator, Medieval Reading/Writing Group 2012