Elizabeth Gumm

B.A. in English and Theatre, 2006
M.A. with Distinction in English, Kansas State University, 2009
Graduate Certificate in Women’s Studies, Kansas State University, 2009
Elizabeth’s CV


Katherine Kinney (Chair), Jennifer Doyle, Emma Stapely

Research Areas:

Postmodern literature, Feminist criticism, Theories of the body

Research Interests:

My dissertation, “The Postmodern Family Gothic: Bodies of Narrative,” considers the intersection of postmodern and gothic strategies in late twentieth and early twenty-first century American and British literature, specifically novels about family. I am interested in the ways that such novels negotiate the elements of family history and memory, the body, and community. I see provocative and imaginative spaces produced from the juxtaposition of postmodernism’s textualization of history and the gothic’s grotesque embodiment.

My other scholarly research includes 20th century American short fiction, postmodern coming-of-age tales, narratives of literacy, and film studies. Specifically I am interested in narratives about the interaction of creative or intellectual activity and the body.

My educational background includes gender and race studies, as well as theatre and performance studies.

Recent Activity:

Conference Presentations –

2013 – UCR GSEA DisJunctions “Encountering” – “What Gave: Marilyn Monroe, Maternity, and Failures of Representation”

2013 – American Association of Italian Studies – “Race and Femme Fatale Excess: Melodramatic Exploitation of Black Snake Moan”

2013 – Fordham English Graduate Conference “The Practices of Memory” – “The Poetry of Time Travel: Exploding the Continuum of History in Slaughterhouse 5”

2012 – AGSE CSUN Spring Academic Conference “Shattering” – “Play with Gender and Violent Play: The Body in Chuck Palahniuk’s Invisible Monsters”

2012 – UCR GSEA DisJunctions “Narratives Mediated” – “This American Life of Storytelling: Craft and Aura”

2008 – KSU Cultural Studies Conference – “A Shot at Love?: Tila Tequila and Representations of Bisexuality”

Panel Moderation –

2013 – UCR GSEA DisJunctions “Encountering” – “Embodiment I: Queerness and Performances of Sexuality”

2012 – UCR GSEA Dis Junctions “Narratives Mediated” – “Medical Narratives II”