Daniel Valencia

B.A., History, University of California, Los Angeles, 2006
M.A., Chicana/o Studies, California State University, Northridge, 2009


Sherryl Vint (Chair), Michelle Raheja, Anthony Macías

Research Areas:

Science Fiction, Chicano Studies, Media Studies

Research Interests:

Daniel Valencia is a Ph.D. candidate. His research examines science fiction and its relationship to race—especially the critical intersections between sf and people of Mexican origin in the US. Danny is interested in how literature, film, and television engage with popular representations of the future, and how these visions mirror public policy and the attempted erasure and subordination of this community. Danny is also interested in the ways this community has generated counter-narratives that challenge racially homogeneous representations of the future, and how these modified narratives work to mutually expand Chicana/o and mainstream sociopolitical and cultural markers.

Recent Activity:

Recent Presentations

“Odyssey One: Chicanos in Space and the Disruption of the Space-Time- Continuum.” Revising the Past/ Remaking the Future Conference, University of California, Riverside. October 2015.

“Blade Runner and the Erasure of Mexicans.” Latinos and Latinas at Risk: Issues in Education, Health, Community, and Justice. Book Launch Presentation, California State University, Northridge. March 2015.

Afro-6 and The Revolt of the Cockroach People: Black Power, Chicano Militancy, and the Emergence of Chicano Science Fiction, 1969-.” PAMLA, Riverside, CA. November 2014.

“Latinos in Hollywood and Beyond.” Latino Science Fiction Symposium, University of California, Riverside. Panel Discussion/Presentation. April 2014.

“Burn ‘em to Ashes, then Burn the Ashes:” Ray Bradbury’s Fahrenheit 451 and the Banning of Ethnic Studies Literature in Arizona.” The 35th International Conference on the Fantastic in the Arts: Fantastic Empires, Orlando, FL. March 2014.

“The Cyborg Allegory: Blade Runner and the Erasure of Mexicans in Science Fiction Film.” NACCS, San Antonio, TX. Panel Title: “Transnationalism, Erasure and Dystopias: Complicating the Chicano/a-Mexican Im/migrant Sci-Fi Imaginary.” April 2013.

“Mexi-borgs: Closed Borders, Virtual Labor, and the Brown Body in Sleep Dealer.” (Dis)junctions Conference, University of California, Riverside. April 2013.


Blade Runner and the Erasure of Mexicans in Science Fiction Film” in Gabriel Gutierrez, ed. Latinos and Latinas: Risks and Opportunities. ABC-CLIO Publishers. 2015.