Christopher Queen

BA in English with Honors (Summa Cum Laude), University of Arkansas – Fayetteville, 2015
MA in English Literature, Purdue University, 2017

Research Areas:

Late Medieval English Literature, Queer Theory, Visual Culture, Materiality, Medievalism, Textual and Editorial Criticism

Research Interests:

My research attempts to further clarify this horizontal relationship between script, text, image, and material as necessarily co-constitutive and symbiotic sites of knowledge production and user interface. That is, I look toward omissions, duplications, and recursive elements in manuscript objects as essential features in understanding how artists themselves assisted in rendering the manuscript object both a work of visual-artistic and literary significance. My research explores this ekphrastic mode wherein objects ask premodern readers and contemporary viewers alike to consider how the book itself recursively draws attention to its own artistry and, thus, demands to be read as a singular whole wherein and wherein illuminations represent production processes while production processes facilitate illuminations. By focusing on the representation of the act of artistic creation in the late Middle Ages, my research seeks to outline a disciplinary trajectory which, beginning with the creation of the manuscripts themselves and into the nineteenth-, twentieth-, and twenty-first centuries, has increasingly romanticized, dissected, and abstracted medieval art objects such as the manuscript or print codex until they become unrecognizable as such.