Chris Fleischman

B.A. in English with an empahsis in Creative Writing (Poetry) and minor emphasis in Theater, UCLA, 2010
M.A. in English, University of California, Riverside, 2013


Deborah Willis, John Ganim

Research Areas:

Early Modern Drama, Early Modern Poetry, Medieval Drama, Performance Theory

Research Interests:

Having been trained in theater as well as English, my interests generally involve the performative nature of text and textuality. Specifically, my research interests include the relationship between early modern and medieval performance media/techniques with contemporary performance and popular culture; interpretive strategies required for performance and their pedagogical utility in the English classroom; the associations between printed text, bodily affect, and embodied performance; performance-based models of poetics; theories of festive custom in relation to literature and drama; Shakespeare’s canon and its treatment in contemporary culture; new formalist theoretical approaches to literary criticism; and so on.

Recent Activity:

Panel Chair, “Interventions in Critical Consensus.” (dis)junctions. The University of California, Riverside, April 2013.

“‘Enter in a dumbe shewe’: Spectacle and Movement in Hamlet Q1.” (dis)junctions. The University of California, Riverside, April 2013.