Ana Quiring

BA, English Literature and Writing, Whitworth University, 2014

Research Areas:

British Modernism and Intermodernism, the Postcolonial Novel, Genre Theory, Transnational Women Writers.

Research Interests:
I study British and transnational modernism, and am especially interested in extending that period beyond its traditional boundaries. Much of my current research considers how theories of queerness, embodiment, and affect might reconfigure canonically determined periodization. For instance, might modernism *feel* a certain way, or exist in a particular life or body, in addition to occurring over one 30-year period?
I am also interested in genre studies, life writing, memoir and journalism, and the affect of gendered style and sophistication. I’m currently thinking about affect theory in Keeping Up With the Kardashians and Virginia Woolf’s theories of modernism.

UCR Graduate Students in English Association, Secretary/Treasurer, 2015-2016