Graduate Student Profiles

NameE-MailAreas of Interest
Zanny Allportaallp001@ucr.edu19th-20th Century American Literature, Material and Labor History, Theory and Critiques of Historicism, Black and Atlantic Radical Tradition, Queer & Feminist Theory
Gabriela Almendarezgalme002@ucr.edu20th-century American literature, Latino/a and Chicano/a Literature, Queer studies, hybridity, border studies
Stina Atteberysatte001@ucr.eduBiopolitics, Indigenous Studies, Media and Technoculture
Allie Arend
Jose Arellanojose.arellano@email.ucr.eduThe critical study of the U.S. as an early republic and its empire-building efforts; critical ethnic studies; Latinx studies (19th-century Mexican-American literary history and culture); Indigenous studies. 
Angelica Maria Barrazaangelica.barraza@email.ucr.eduContemporary Race-Critical Innovative Poetry, 20 & 21st Century Poetry, Queer Theory, Xicana & Border Studies, Avant Garde
Paris Brownpbrow003@ucr.eduMid-20th-Century American Literature, Film Studies, Gender and Sexuality, Fashion Studies
Miranda Butlermbutl003@ucr.edu19th-Century British Literature, Victorian Studies, Literature and Science, Science Fiction
Brittany Carlsonbrittany.carlson@email.ucr.eduVictorian literature, British modernism, History and Cultures of Mathematics and Science, Science Studies
Nancy Carranza ncarr007@ucr.edu20th and 21st century Asian American literature, postcolonial theory and neocolonialism/neoliberalism, inter- and multi-racial dynamics, narrative theory & spatial theory
Brandy J Lewisbrandy.lewis@email.ucr.eduAnimal studies, speculative fiction, cultural and media studies.
Misha Choudhrymisha.choudhry@email.ucr.eduPostcolonial studies, Race and Islam, Contemporary American literature, Cultural Studies, Visual and Media Studies
Nicholas B.
Speculative Fiction, Cognitive Narratology and Poetics, Philosophy of Evolution and
Paleontology, Monstrosity, American Literature.
Ezekiel Cragoecrag001@ucr.eduScience Fiction, Film, “Post”-isms
Tara Dybastara.dybas@email.ucr.eduCorpses, Gender, Religious Culture, and the Supernatural in Early Modern Drama.
Kirstoffer S.
Trans representation in gothic and horror stories.
Architectural spaces in gothic and horror stories especially haunted castles and houses.
Jeshua Enriquezjenri006@ucr.eduScience Fiction, 20th Century American Lit, Postmodernism, Cultural Studies
Taylor Evanstevan001@ucr.eduPost-War American Literature; 19th and 20th Century Science Fiction; Math, Science and Literature; Queer and Affect Theory; Postmodernism; Cultural Studies
Leslie Fernandez lfern010@ucr.eduAsian-American Literature, Science-Fiction, Postcolonial Theory and Posthumanism
Chris Fleischmancflei001@ucr.eduEarly Modern Literature; Performance Theory and Drama
Nicole K.
Mariam Galarritamgala007@ucr.eduEarly Modern literature; Classical through Contemporary Drama
Ian Galbraith igalb001@ucr.eduDigital and Technocultures, Video Game Studies, Visual and Media Cultures
Nolan Goetzingernolan.goetzinger@email.ucr.eduPostcolonialism, Environmental Humanities, Irish Studies, Indigenous Studies

Jekara N.
Mackenzie Greggmgreg003@ucr.eduVictorian Literature and Culture, Queer and Feminist Theory, Psychoanalysis
Kin Fai Haokinfai.hao@email.ucr.eduBritish Romanticism, Gothic Literature, Affect Studies, Philosophy and Literature, Marxism
Digital Media Studies, Gender and Sexuality Studies, Cultural and Sub-Cultural Studies, Critical Race Studies
Graham HallInteriority and Exteriority, Class and Space, Race/Gender/Sexuality
Kathy Hardun  katherine.hardun@email.ucr.eduMedieval and Early Modern Literature, Sexuality, Queer Theory
Celeste Jackson celeste.jackson@email.ucr.eduNative American Literature, Poetry and Politics, Trauma Studies, Queer Studies, Eco-Criticism, Epistemic Injustices in Epistemology

Robyn Johnsonrobyn.johnson@email.ucr.eduNative American narratives, postmodern Native American literature, early American, manga, popular culture, young adult fiction, European folklore, Asian folklore, Shakespeare, domestic dramas
Amy D. Juarez
Chelsea E. Keane chelsea.keane@email.ucr.eduMedieval and Early Modern Literature, Ecocriticism, Ecofeminism, Gender
Rudi Kraeherrkrae001@ucr.eduFilm and Visual Culture, 20th and 21st century US American and Latin American Literature
Brandy J
Critical Posthumanities, Human-Animal Theory, Ecofeminist Belongings, and Queer and Sexual Identities.
Hannah Manshelhannah.manshel@email.ucr.eduAmerican literature before 1900, African-American Literature, Legal studies
Jasmine A. Moorejasmine.moore001@email.ucr.eduAfrican-American Literature, Afrofuturism, Afrodiaspora, Postcolonialism, Speculative Fiction
Addison Palaciosapala004@ucr.edu20th Century American Literature, Modernism, Marxism
Aran Parkaran.park@email.ucr.eduNineteenth-century British Poetry and Culture
Heejoo Parkheejoo.park@email.ucr.edu20th & 21st Century American Literature, Asian American Literature, Latina/o Literature
Grant Palmergpalm002@ucr.eduContemporary American literature, African American literature, biopolitics, race, queer theory, and technology
Joshua J. Prindlejoshua.prindle@email.ucr.edu19th Century Literature, Victorian Studies, Medicine and Culture, Disability Studies
Christopher Queencquee001@ucr.eduLate Medieval English Literature, Queer Theory, Visual Culture, Materiality, Medievalism, Textual and Editorial Criticism
Amanda L. Early Modern English Drama, Modernity, Marxism, Feminist, Poststructuralism

Aaron Biopolitics, Colonialism/Postcolonialism
Kameron Sanzoksanz001@ucr.eduVictorian Studies, Science and Technologies Studies, Nineteenth-Century British Literature, History of Science, Energy Humanities, Classical Energy Physics
Courtney Naum Scurocourtney.scuro@email.ucr.eduEarly Modern Literature, Time, Theories of History, Material Print Culture, Queer Studies, Shakespeare in Performance
Chelsea Rae Silvacsilv008@ucr.eduMedical humanities; Middle English literature; Manuscript studies; Disability studies.
Kali Indigenous Feminisms, Genre Studies, Film and Visual Culture, Theories of Monstrosity and Spectrality
David Siglosdavid.siglos@email.ucr.eduAsian American Literature, Filipino American Literature, Asian American Theater and Performance, Postcolonial Theory, Psychoanalytic Theory
Miranda Steegemiranda.steege@email.ucr.eduQueer Theory, Victorian Studies, Fan Studies
Summer C. Posthumanism, Science Fiction, Feminist Science Studies, Critical Race Studies, Indigenous Studies

Stefan Torralbastefan.torralba@email.ucr.eduDigital media studies, cinema studies, critical race, queer of color theory, Asian American studies
Daniel Valenciadvale007@ucr.eduScience Fiction, Chicano Literature and Culture, Media Studies
Preston Waltrippreston.waltrip@email.ucr.edu21st century historical fiction, U.S. Latina/o studies, hemispheric American studies, biopolitical theory.
Leah Washburnleah.washburn@email.ucr.eduGender studies, Contemporary Literature, Film and Media Studies

Sang-Keun Yoo syoo015@ucr.edu20th century American Science Fiction, Asian American Literature, Postcolonialism, Posthumanism, Korean Studies
Gnei Soraya Zarook gzaro001@ucr.eduSri Lankan / South Asian Anglophone literature, Sri Lankan / South Asian North American literature, the Sri Lankan civil war, trauma studies, postcolonial studies, Asian American studies, Trauma studies
Students on Leave
José Alfarojalfa011@ucr.eduTrans-temporal, Transamerican Literature; Queer Latinidades; Dance and Performance
Eric Atkinsoneatki004@ucr.eduAfrican American Literature, Griot Studies, Comic books, SF, and Young Adult Fiction
Jennifer Avilajavil013@ucr.eduSports Studies, U.S. Latina/o and Chicana/o Literature, 20th-century American Literature
Lisa Brown Jalozalbrow008@ucr.edu20th-Century–Contemporary American Literature, Scottish Literature, Media Studies
Cyra Emerycemer002@ucr.eduEarly Modern Literature, History of Medicine, History of Science, Rhetoric
Jennie Friedrichjfrie005@ucr.eduManuscript Studies, Postcolonial Theory, Medieval Travel Literature
Laura Fusselllfuss001@ucr.eduNative American Studies; Trauma Studies; Indigenous Studies; 20th- and 21st- Century American Literature, Film, and Culture
Morgann Havig mhavi001@ucr.eduEarly Modern Literature; Shakespeare Studies; Restoration Literature; Disability Studies
Tracy Zuniga tzuni001@ucr.eduVisual Art and Media Studies, Chicana/o Cultural Studies, 20th Century and Contemporary American Literature
Ryan D. American Poetry and Poetics, Lyric Theory, Queer Theory, Queer Pedagogy

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