About GSEA

2017 – 2018 GSEA Officers

  • Soraya Zarook, President
  • Sang-Keun Yoo, Vice President
  • Kali Simmons, Secretary and Treasurer
  • Leslie Fernandez, Representative
  • Angelica Maria Barraza, Representative
  • Kristen Skjonsby, Representative

2016 – 2017 GSEA Officers

  • Miranda Steege, President
  • Hannah Manshel, Vice President
  • Sarah Buckner, Secretary and Treasurer
  • Evan Duncan, Representative
  • Soraya Zarook, Representative
  • Cyra Emery, Representative

Mission Statement

The Graduate Students in English Association is run by and for graduate students in the department. It is distinct from the campus-wide Graduate Students Association to whose meetings it sends two representatives.

The GSEA’s duties include

  • Producing the annual directory of faculty and graduate students;
  • Funding mini-grants to partially defray conference travel expenses; and
  • Organizing graduate students’ roles in recruiting applicants and admits and facilitating their orientation to the program.

The GSEA also organizes department parties each year and holds a series of fund-raising, academic, and professional development events as well as other graduate social activities (such as bowling and karaoke nights). Members of GSEA also attend English Department and Graduate Committee Meetings. On a more daily basis, the GSEA maintains the Lounge located on the second floor (proceed straight from English lobby stairwell and it will be on your right) where students can microwave and refrigerate food, make coffee, and socialize with one another.

Most importantly, GSEA acts as an intermediary between the graduate students of this department and the institutional mechanisms that run it. Our main objective is to act as a voice for graduate students, whether we are actually speaking for the feelings of the overall graduate population or we are reporting the concerns of a small group within the graduate community. We of the GSEA will always first and foremost listen to all members of the graduate student body that elected us and will attempt to put those concerns expressed to us by our constituents at the front of all other agendas.

Elections for GSEA offices are held annually. Please feel free to contact officers with any concerns, questions, and suggestions. They are here to serve you!

GSEA Cabinet Meeting Minutes