Outstanding Teaching Assistant Award

Each year the Department of English accepts nominations for the Outstanding Teaching Assistant Award. The criteria for nomination are that the T.A. must have completed the T.A. Development Program training and must be teaching in the academic year s/he is nominated. Ladder faculty, lecturers, graduate students and undergraduate students may nominate a T.A. whose teaching they know to be outstanding. Nomination sheets should be slipped under Tina’s office door. T.A.’s should NOT take nomination sheets to his/her own class. Please see Tina Feldmann for further information.


2013-2014 Recipient

  • Tracy Zuniga

2012-2013 Recipient

  • Anne Sullivan

2011-2012 Recipient

  • Giulia Hoffman

2010-2011 Recipient

  • Rob d’Annibale

2009-2010 Recipient

  • Emily Mattingly

2008-2009 Recipient

  • Elissa Weeks

2007-2008 Recipients

  • Helen Lovejoy
  • Elizabeth Spies

2006-2007 Recipients

  • Jack Beckham
  • Graham Scott

2005-2006 Recipients

  • Tammy DiBenedetto
  • Michael Moreno
  • Nick Valdez

2001-2002 Recipients:

  • Kristin Brunnemer
  • Amy Moorman Robbins
  • Dow Robbins

2000-2001 Recipients:

  • Cassandra VanZandt
  • Jeffrey Rhyne

1999-2000 Recipients:

  • Deckard Hodge
  • Bruce Nicholson

1997-1998 Recipients:

  • Cathy Cucinella
  • Tate Hurvitz