English Department Staff

Perla Fabelo
Graduate Student Services Advisor
Graduate Studies
(951) 827-1454
HMNSS 1204:  Tuesday and Thursday, 8am-12pm and 1pm-5pm; Friday, 1-5pm
HMNSS 1600: Monday and Wednesday,  8am-12pm and 1pm-5pm; Friday 8am-12p

Linda Nellany
Undergraduate Advisor
Undergraduate Studies
(951) 827-1452
Office: 1203 HMNSS

English and Philosophy Administrative Staff

Jennifer Morgan
Department Manager and Administrative Officer III
Departments of English & Philosophy
(951) 827-1437
HMNSS 1220A – Monday and Wednesday 9-5pm; Friday 9-1pm
HMNSS 1600 – Tuesday and Thursday 9-5pm; Friday 1-5pm

Leann Gilmer
Academic & Financial Assistant / General Reimbursements
Departments of English and Philosophy
(951) 827-2349
Office: 1601 HMNSS

Christy Gray
Event Coordinator
Departments of English and Philosophy
(951) 827-1456

Office: 1220B HMNSS