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NameEmailResearch AreasCurrent Position
Sarah Antinorasanti001@ucr.eduEarly Modern Drama, Laughter Studies, RhetoricAssistant Professor, San Joaquin Delta Community College
Andrew Bondabond001@ucr.eduAsian American Literature, Postcolonial Theory, 20th-century and Contemporary American LiteratureAssociate Professor, Bakersfield College
Laurence Dumortierldumo001@ucr.eduGender and Sexuality; Queer Studies; Visual Culture
Sean Epstein-CorbinAssistant Professor, Merced College
Rochelle Goldrgold002@ucr.eduMedia Studies, Postcolonial Literature, American LiteratureInstructor, University of Southern California
Kimberly Hallkhall003@ucr.eduDigital Media and Culture, Performance Studies, Gender and Sexuality, Victorian LiteratureAssistant Professor, Wofford College
Richard Huntrichard.hunt@email.ucr.eduRhetorical Theory, 20th-century American Literature, Science Fiction, Media and Cultural Studies
Emily McArthuremcar001@ucr.edu19th century British literature, political economy, literature of childhoodEnglish Teacher, Baylor School (Chattanooga, TN)
Tom SchneiderMedieval Literature, Early Modern Literature, Critical Theory of Space and MotionAssistant Professor, California Baptist University
Melanie Masterton SheraziMulti-Ethnic 20th Century American Literature, Modernism, Theories of TemporalityUC President's Postdoctoral Fellow in English, UCLA
Shannon Tarango Instructor, Stanford University
Derek Yungdyung002@ucr.edu20th-century American Literature, Spatial Theory, Asian American Cultural History
Ayra Laciste QuinnAssistant Professor, Los Angeles Mission College