Kameron Sanzo


BS Mechanical Engineering, University of Pittsburgh 2011
BA English Literature, University of Pittsburgh 2015

Research Areas

Intersections of science and literature, Science Fiction, Posthumanism

Research Interests

At present I am interested in studying epistemic shifts in theories of matter and their ontological, historical, and social consequences. Specifically, I am drawn to nineteenth-century thermodynamics as a site of negotiation between nascent theories of energy and conservation, and older theories of heat transfer as measurable exchanges of matter. I am also interested in examining the hermeneutics of scientific discourse as a cultural authority. Much of my work considers science fiction literature, bioart, and posthuman discourses in order to grapple with the possibilities and limits of science to describe our social condition.


UCR Graduate Students in English Association representative, 2015-2016

(dis)junctions Conference moderator, 2015