Kai Hang Cheang

MA in TESOL, Southern Illinois University at Carbondale, 2013
MA in English, Southern Illinois University at Carbondale, 2012
BA in English Studies, University of Macau, 2010
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Research Areas:

Asian/ American Artivism, Diasporic Youth Cultures, Texts on Revolutions


Weihsin Gui, Stephen Sohn, Traise Yamamoto, David Lloyd

Research Interests:

Kai Hang Cheang is a fourth year PhD student in the English graduate program. He is interested in the theory, praxis and narrativization of identity, community and national formation in the context of political resistance. He is currently working on a dissertation that investigates the emergence of an ethical subjectivity in cultural productions by and about Asian/ American female activists and artists. This project marshals a diverse archive—including autobiography, historical novel, science fiction and protest art—to trace female Asian/Americans’ activist and aesthetic responses to the suffering of others in the nation and worldwide during past, present and futurist movements. It explores how affective responses from Asian American women open up opportunities for cross-racial and trans-temporal allegiance, thereby reasserting Asian American women’s significant, but long marginalized national status, while at the same time troubling traditions such as filiety and success that the community holds dear.