Chelsea Rae Silva

BA in English with Distinction, Roger Williams University, 2014
BFA in Creative Writing with Distinction, Roger Williams University, 2014

Research Areas:

Medieval English Literature, Manuscript Studies, Material Culture, Codicology, Textuality, Metamorphosis and Transformation, Theories of the Body

Research Interests:

Although my interests vary widely, much of my work is focused on medieval English literature and the dialectic intersection of materiality and textuality: how an object’s material nature informs its content, and vice versa. I’m intrigued by the relationship between authors and their readers, especially in the complex processes of manuscript production and dissemination, and in attempts to direct or control the movement of knowledge. This attention to textual and material boundaries includes their construction and deterioration, as well as the liminal spaces that exist between them. My interest in this ever-changing textual fluidity relies heavily upon theories of the body, especially the “containing” skin of the medieval body and the material condition of manuscripts.

Recent Activity:

Conference Paper:

“Creation and Convention: French Tradition and Emerging Realism in the Works of Geoffrey Chaucer.” Alpha Chi National Convention, St. Louis, Missouri. March 2014.

Panel Moderation:

(dis)junctions Graduate Student Conference, November 2014

“Enticing Visions: Relativity, Preservation, and Aesthetics on the Horizon”