Ian Galbraith

Graduate Teaching Assistant, University Writing Program, PhD Candidate, Department of English – University of California, Riverside, Webmaster for the University of California, Riverside English Department


Research Areas:

Digital and Technocultures with emphasis in Video Game Studies and an interest in Visual and Media Cultures. Creative Writing in the Age of Disorientation



University of California, Riverside:

Riverside, Phd Candidate in English 2017-2025

GSMP Program, UWP instructor, Graduate Teaching Assistant, (Dis)junctions Conference Planning Committee

University of North Dakota:

Grand Forks, MA in English  (2017)Portfolio: Distributed Networks in Fiction and Mediated Language

Adelphi Honors Society, Black Student Association, German Student Association, Shakespeare First Folio Exhibit, Frankenstein: Penetrating the Secrets of Nature Exhibit

Loyola Marymount University:

Los Angeles, BA in Philosophy 2012

Honors, AIB Study Abroad Award, Loyolan Newspaper, KLMU College Radio



University of California, Riverside

Riverside, CA Graduate Teaching Assistant of English (Fall 2018 – present)

English 1 b: Intermediate Composition, English 1 c: Applied Intermediate Composition

University of North Dakota:

Grand Forks, ND Graduate Teaching Assistant of English (Fall 2015 – present)

English 110: College English Composition, English 130: Writing For Public Audiences




Website: Land on Vellum,

Link: http://landonvellum.omeka.net/exhibits/show/landoffifeonvelum/ucr006nittygritty

Land on Vellum seeks to embody the Medieval Land Grant and other manuscript forms through digital fleshing out and multi-modality as well as a multiplicity of translations of the original Middle English Scottish Dialect.  This project hopes to recreate the sense of unfurling the folded manuscripts had for medevals by complicating the viewers reading process and narrowing their gaze strategically.


A Ghost in The Rhizomatic Network

This paper explores the connections between a disparate corpus of texts in a discussion of distributions of power and the nature of relationships in the digital age.  By examining texts like Danielewski’s House of Leaves.

We are not Together

            This novel explores dystopian trends while examining the structure of the modern family unit, mediation of language, sincerity, life in the age of surveillance.  We Are Not Together pivots around the sincerity, struggles and sins of its protagonists while presenting a much darker world external to them.  This world serves to complicate their flaws and humanize them to us as readers.  The novel delves into the problem of mediated language and issues of sincerity, authenticity and passion.  That is to say, can we ever truly speak honestly with each other while also being understood by each other?


“Discovering Anarchical Production in Resistance Literature” Translating the Unbearable Conference.  University of California, Irvine, CA February 01 2018

“Erasure of Borders in Rhizomatic Discourse”  Midwest Modern Language Association Annual Conference.  Ballpark Hilton Center in St. Louis, MO November 10-13 2016.