Graduate Student Profiles

NameE-MailAreas of Interest
José Alfarojalfa011@ucr.eduTrans-temporal, Transamerican Literature; Queer Latinidades; Dance and Performance
Zanny Allportaallp001@ucr.eduAmerican literature and culture, queer and feminist theory, visual art, performance studies
Gabriela Almendarezgalme002@ucr.edu20th-century American literature, Latino/a and Chicano/a Literature, Queer studies, hybridity, border studies
Daniel Ante-Contrerasdante001@ucr.edu20th-century American Lit. and Culture, Queer Studies/Theory, Video Game Studies
Eric Atkinsoneatki004@ucr.eduAfrican American Literature, Griot Studies, Comic books, SF, and Young Adult Fiction
Stina Atteberysatte001@ucr.eduBiopolitics, Indigenous Studies, Media and Technoculture
Jennifer Avilajavil013@ucr.eduSports Studies, U.S. Latina/o and Chicana/o Literature, 20th-century American Literature
Lisa Brown Jalozalbrow008@ucr.edu20th-Century–Contemporary American Literature, Scottish Literature, Media Studies
Paris Brownpbrow003@ucr.eduMid-20th-Century American Literature, Film Studies, Gender and Sexuality, Fashion Studies
Miranda Butlermbutl003@ucr.edu19th-Century British Literature, Victorian Studies, Literature and Science, Science Fiction
Nancy Carranza ncarr007@ucr.edu20th and 21st century Asian American literature, postcolonial theory and neocolonialism/neoliberalism, inter- and multi-racial dynamics, narrative theory & spatial theory
Clarissa Castanedaccast022@ucr.eduPoetry/Poetics/Form, Translation Theory, Visual-to-Literary Art Movements, Literature of the Americas
Brittany Chataignier Renardbchat002@ucr.eduEarly Modern British Literature, Gender, Sexuality, and Print Culture 
Ezekiel Cragoecrag001@ucr.eduScience Fiction, Film, “Post”-isms
Cyra Emerycemer002@ucr.eduEarly Modern Literature, History of Medicine, History of Science, Rhetoric
Jeshua Enriquezjenri006@ucr.eduScience Fiction, 20th Century American Lit, Postmodernism, Cultural Studies
Taylor Evanstevan001@ucr.eduPost-War American Literature; 19th and 20th Century Science Fiction; Math, Science and Literature; Queer and Affect Theory; Postmodernism; Cultural Studies
Leslie Fernandez lfern010@ucr.eduAsian-American Literature, Science-Fiction, Postcolonial Theory and Posthumanism
Chris Fleischmancflei001@ucr.eduEarly Modern Literature; Performance Theory and Drama
Jennie Friedrichjfrie005@ucr.eduManuscript Studies, Postcolonial Theory, Medieval Travel Literature
Laura Fusselllfuss001@ucr.eduNative American Studies; Trauma Studies; Indigenous Studies; 20th- and 21st- Century American Literature, Film, and Culture
Mariam Galarritamgala007@ucr.eduEarly Modern literature; Classical through Contemporary Drama
Ian Galbraith igalb001@ucr.eduDigital and Technocultures, Video Game Studies, Visual and Media Cultures
Ann Garasciaagara004@ucr.eduVictorian Studies, Queer Theory, Visual/Performance Studies
Rochelle Goldrgold002@ucr.eduMedia Studies, Postcolonial Literature, American Literature
Mackenzie Greggmgreg003@ucr.eduVictorian Literature and Culture, Queer and Feminist Theory, Psychoanalysis
Graham Hallghall004@ucr.eduInteriority and Exteriority, Class and Space, Race/Gender/Sexuality
Kathy Hardman Medieval and Early Modern Literature, Sexuality, Queer Theory
Morgann Havig mhavi001@ucr.eduEarly Modern Literature; Shakespeare Studies; Restoration Literature; Disability Studies
Rudi Kraeherrkrae001@ucr.eduFilm and Visual Culture, 20th and 21st century US American and Latin American Literature
Ryan Leackryan.leack@email.ucr.eduRhetoric, composition, American literature since 1900, critical theory, responsivity, quantum mechanics, spatial writing theories, critical-democratic pedagogy, geography and identity, autoethnographic writing, discourse communities, continental philosophy, ideology, sophistry, ancient Greek rhetoric and philosophy, ancient Chinese poetry, poetry and poetics
Hannah Manshelhannah.manshel@email.ucr.eduAmerican literature before 1900, African-American literature, legal studies
Emily McArthuremcar001@ucr.eduVictorian Literature, Eighteenth-century British Literature, Political Economy
Addison Palaciosapala004@ucr.edu20th Century American Literature, Modernism, Marxism
Grant Palmergpalm002@ucr.eduContemporary American literature, African American literature, biopolitics, race, queer theory, and technology
Josh Pearsonjpear004@ucr.eduScience Fiction, Gender Studies, Marxist Theory, 20th-Century American
Christopher Queencquee001@ucr.eduMiddle English Literature, Gender Theory, Queer Theory, Spatial Theory, the Pearl Poet, the Medieval City
Ana Quiringsquir004@ucr.eduBritish Modernism, Queer Theory, Affect Theory, Feminism
Aaron Biopolitics, Colonialism/Postcolonialism
Kameron Sanzoksanz001@ucr.eduScience Studies and Cultures of Science, History of Science, Literature and Science, Posthumanism, Nineteenth-Century British Literature, Science Fiction
Chelsea Rae Silvacsilv008@ucr.eduMedieval English Literature, Manuscript Studies, Material Culture
Miranda Victorian Studies, Queer Theory, Fan Studies
Alexander Sterlingkalex003@ucr.eduAfrican American Literature, Rhetoric, Theology, Black Protest, and the Politics of Recognition
Anne Sullivanasull003@ucr.eduVictorian Studies, Nineteenth-Century Media, Print Culture
Ryan D. American Poetry and Poetics, Lyric Theory, Queer Theory, Queer Pedagogy
Daniel Valenciadvale007@ucr.eduScience Fiction, Chicano Literature and Culture, Media Studies
Kacie Willskwill034@ucr.eduRomanticism, the Global, and Visual and Material Culture
Sang-Keun Yoo syoo015@ucr.edu20th century American Science Fiction, Asian American Literature, Postcolonialism, Posthumanism, Korean Studies
Gnei Soraya Zarook gzaro001@ucr.eduSri Lankan / South Asian Anglophone literature, Sri Lankan / South Asian American literature, the Sri Lankan civil war, trauma theory, postcolonial studies, feminist studies, diaspora studies
Tracy Zuniga tzuni001@ucr.eduVisual Art and Media Studies, Chicana/o Cultural Studies, 20th Century and Contemporary American Literature

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