Recent Ph.D.s and Placement

Top of Mt. Rubidoux

2017 (through Spring)

Wallace Cleaves
Lecturer and Lead Lecturer Mentor, University Writing Program, UCR
Towards a Native Medieval: Shared Themes of Visionaries, Tricksters, Resisters and Contact Between the Literature of the Middle Ages and the Indigenous Traditions of North America

Daniel Ante-Contreras
Instructor, English, Mira Costa College
Autism as Metaphor: The Affective Regime of Neoliberal Masculinity

Elizabeth Gumm
Lecturer, University Writing Program, UCR
The Postmodern Family Gothic: Bodies of Narrative

Simon Lee
Lecturer, University Writing Program, UCR
Working-Class Heroics: The Intersection of Class and Space in British Post-War Writing

Rubén Mendoza
Writer & Assistant Professor, Chicana/o Studies, East Los Angeles College
Perception/Poiesis: Neosophist Pedagogy for a Neoliberal Age of Technoscience Empire

Jessica Robertson
2017-2018 Ahmanson-Getty Postdoctoral Fellowship, Clark Library, UCLA
Entangled with the Dead: Burial, Exhumation, and Textual Materiality in British Romanticism

Elias Serna
Performance Artist & Lecturer in Chicano and Latino Studies, California State University Long Beach
Composing a Chican@ Rhetorical Tradition: Pleito Rhetorics and the Decolonial Uses of Technologies for Self-Determination

Lorenzo Servitje
Assistant Professor, English and Health, Medicine and Society, Lehigh University
Medicine Is War: The Martial Metaphor in Victorian Literature and Culture

Amanda Kaye Sharick
Graduate Program Commons Manager, Harvard University Graduate School of Arts and Sciences
Upon the threshold: Anglo-American Jewish Women’s Counterhistories of Liberal Citizenship and Jewish Nationalism in England and the United States, 1880-1918


Sarah Antinora
Associate Professor of English, San Joaquin Delta College
Laughter in Early Modern Drama: Permission to Laugh Ourselves Into Stitches

Michael Datcher
Writer & Clinical Assistant Professor of English, Loyola Marymount University
Animacy Matters: Animating Black and Brown Liberation in Artistic Counterpublics

Laurence Dumortier
Anarchic Intimacies: Queer Friendship and Erotic Bonds

Richard Hunt
Lecturer, University Writing Program, UCR
I’m (Not) Listening: Rhetoric and Political Rationalities of Self and Other

Katherine (Katy) Johnston
Lecturer, The Program in Writing and Rhetoric, SUNY Stony Book
Characterizing Profiles, Data Surveillance and Literature in the Twenty-First Century

Sarah Lozier
2016-2018 Brittain Postdoctoral Fellow, Georgia Institute of Technology
Hypermaterial Language Art: Digitality, Materiality, and Contemporary Anti-Racist Poetics

Raymund Papica
Academic Coordinator II for Writing Across the Curriculum, UCR
The Armor Network: Medieval Prosthesis and Degenerative Posthuman Bodies

Jeremy Sell
Teacher and Administrator, Anaheim Union High School District
Victorian Sermonic Discourse: The Sermon in Nineteenth-Century British Literature and Society



Alicia Contreras
Lecturer, English, University of California, Merced
The Campaign for Literary Practice: Mexican American Writers in the Age of Realism and Regionalism, 1885 to 1940

Edward Eason
Lecturer, English, Iowa State University
Temporalizing the Great War: Wartime in Twentieth-Century American and British Literature

Jennie Friedrich
Lecturer, University Writing Program, UCR
Travail Narratives: Damage and Displacement in Medieval Travel Literature

Justin Gautreau
Lecturer, Writing Program, University of California, Merced
Fleeting Fictions: Film Technology, Adaptation, and a History of the Hollywood Novel, 1920-1950

Rochelle Gold
Lecturer, Writing Program, University of Southern California
Correspondence Fictions: Critical Literacies and Experiments in Writing Media After Computation

Kimberly Hall
Assistant Professor, English, Wofford College
Self, Surveillance, and Sociality: Aesthetics of the Diaristic Mode in Visual New Media

Shannon Hervey
Lecturer, Program in Writing and Rhetoric, Stanford University
Coming of Age in Postmodernity: Narrative of Intertextual Becoming

Jennifer Kavetsky
Writing Support Program Specialist, Academic Resource Center, UCR
The (Manufactured) Human in U.S. Science Fiction, 1938-1950

Emily McArthur
Teacher, Baylor High School
Emotional Investments: British Childhood and the Liberal Ideal, 1800-1870

Sonia Rodríguez
Assistant Professor, English, LaGuardia Community College
Conocimiento Narratives: Challenging Oppressive Epistemologies Through Healing in Latina/o Children’s and Young Adult Literature

Melanie Masterton Sherazi
Postdoctoral Instructor of American Literature, Cal Tech
2015-2017: UC President’s Postdoctoral Fellow, University of California, Los Angeles
Posthumous Afterlives: Ecstatic Readings of Post-1945 American Literature

Jerome Winter
Lecturer, University Writing Program, UCR
Nostalgia for Infinity: New Space Opera and Neoliberal Globalism

Mark Young
Interim Assistant Director, Earl Warren College, University of California, San Diego
Sonic Retro-Futures: Musical Nostalgia as Revolution in Post-1960s American Literature, Film and Technoculture


Matthew Bond
Lecturer, University Writing Program, UCR
Headless and Homeless: Non-Thinking Awareness in American Countercultural Trip Narratives Post-WWI to the Vietnam War

Alicia Cox
Assistant Professor, Comparative Literature, University of California-Irvine
2014-2016: UC President’s Postdoctoral Fellow, University of California, Davis
Autobiographical Indiscipline: Queering American Indian Life Narratives

Jeffrey Hicks
Lecturer, University Writing Program, UCR
The Dystopian Cityscape in Postmodern Literature and Film

Giulia Hoffmann
Graduate Career Services Advisor, University of California-San Diego
Otherworldly Impressions: Female Mediumship in Britain and America in the Nineteenth and Early Twentieth Centuries

Jennifer Kavetsky
Coordinator, Writing Center, UCR
The (Manufactured) Human in U.S. Science Fiction, 1938-1950

Alan Lovegreen
Instructor, English, Orange Coast College
Aerofuturism: Vectors of Modernity in Nineteenth- and Twentieth Century Literature and Culture

Emily Mattingly
Assistant Professor of Liberal Arts and Director of First-Year Writing, University of the Arts, Philadelphia
Queer Developments: The Politics of Reimagining Age

Ayra Quinn
Assistant Professor, English, Los Angeles Mission College
Novel Ways of Seeing: Victorian Novels, Animated Adaptions, and the Disoriented Reader/Viewer

Ian Ross
Adjunct Faculty, Moreno Valley College
Authenticity, Authority, and Assemblage Masculinity: Geek Identity and Hardware Production in Networked Spaces


Gretchen Bartels
Assistant Professor, California Baptist University
The Editor as Producer: Nineteenth-Century British Library Editors

Jessica Best
Assistant Professor, English, Onondaga Community College
Suspended Nameless in the Limbo State: Neoliberalism and Queer Caribbean Diasporas

Regis Mann
Assistant Professor, English, Florida Atlantic University
Unsung, Unwavering: Nineteenth-Century Black Women’s Epistemologies and the Liberal Problematic

Matthew McGraw
Assistant Professor, English, Lincoln University
The Supernatural and the Limits of Materiality in Medieval Histories, Travelogues, and Romances from William of Malmesbury to Geoffrey Chaucer

Rory Moore
Associate Director of Academics and Assessment, Long Island University
Literary Sensations: Victorian Women Writers and Celebrity Culture

Keenan Norris
Writer & Assistant Professor, English and Creative Writing, San José State University (beginning Fall 2018); Professor of English, Evergreen Valley College; 2017 Marin Headlands Artist-in-Residence & Yerba Buena Center for the Arts Fellow
Marginalized-Literature-Market-Life: Black Writers, a Literature of Appeal, and the Rise of Street Literature

Tom Schneider
Assistant Professor, English, California Baptist University
Motion in Late Medieval English Literature: Impulse, Randomization, and Acceleration


Mary Auxier
Part-time Faculty, English, University of Pittsburgh
Exploring Child Worlds: Functions of Infantilization in Eighteenth and Nineteenth Century British Literature

Paul Cheng
Adjunct Instructor, Mt. San Antonio College & College of Professional and Global Education, California State University, Los Angeles
Transpacific Identities in Film and Literature
Sean Epstein-Corbin
Assistant Professor, English, Merced College
Secularizing Sentiment, Democratizing Virtue: A Genealogy of the Liberal Subject Over the Long Nineteenth Century

Margaret Gover
Director of GradSuccess, Graduate Division, UCR
Seeing Double: The Victorian Virtual and Projections of Female Subjectivity

Tanner Higgin
Director, Education Editorial Strategy, Common Sense Education
Gamic Race: Logics of Difference in Videogame Culture

Melissa Knoll
Assistant Professor, English, Irvine Valley College
Asian/American Bodies in Extremis: Gendering Power, Pleasure, and Nation through “Spectacular” Excess

Michael Podolny
Assistant Professor, English, Onondaga Community College
Remembering Modernity: Technics of Temporal Memory in Twentieth-Century Literature and Film

Janise Roselle
Assistant Dean of Academic Affairs, Pomona College
Bodies Under Empire: The Territory of American Feminism

Mary Song
Associate Faculty, Moreno Valley College
Cyborg Dreams in Asian American Transnationality: Transgression, Myth, Simulation, Coalition

Kathryn Webber
Researcher, Graduate School of Education, Harvard University
Cultivating Civilized Subjects: British Agricultural ‘Improvement’ in Eighteenth-Century Ireland

Laura Westengard
Assistant Professor, Literature, New York College of Technology
Queer Monsters Within: Trauma and the Emergence of Gothic Queer Discourse in U.S. Cultural Production, 1945-2011

This is a comprehensive list of alumni from 2012 to the present, their current professional positions and the title of their dissertations. University of California dissertations are freely available through the system’s Open Access site.
Unless otherwise indicated, Lecturer, Instructor and Assistant Professor positions are full-time and include security of employment (tenure or equivalent) with seniority/promotion. Where alumni have an active creative practice, we have tried to note this as well. Not included here is the status for those who concluded their study at the MA level, and those with full-time employment but who have not yet completed their dissertations. Please send any updates or corrections to: