Graduate Student Publications

Our students publish in a range of outlets and across diverse fields. We will add to this document as we discover more past work and learn of new acceptances. The emphasis here is on recent publications by current students and recent graduates.

Ante-Contreras, Daniel. “Bioshock’s Paranoid States: The gamer within a history of white male victimization.” Journal of Gaming and Virtual Worlds (2015), 7.3: 225-242.

—. “Change the World with a Bullet: The Cold War Origins of the School Shooting Film.” Quarterly Review of Film and Video (2015), 32.7: 643-659.

Antinora, Sarah. “Please Let This Be Much Ado About Nothing: ‘Kill Claudio’ and the Laughter of Release.” Cerae: An Australian Journal of Medieval and Early Modern Studies (2014), 1.

Attebery, Stina. “Coshaping Digital and Biological Animals: Companion Species Encounters and Biopower in Video Games Pikmin and Pokémon.” Humanimalia 6.2 (2015).

—. “Indigenous Posthumans; Cyperpunk Surgeries and Biotech Boarding Schools in File Under Miscellaneous and SyFy’s Helix.Extrapolation (2016) 57: 1-2.

—. “Zombie Tapeworms in Late Capitalism: Accelerating Clinical and Reproductive Labor in Mira Grant’s Parasitology,” Medical Humanities (2016).

Beehler, Paul.  “Training International Teaching Assistants Through a Writing Across the Curriculum Course.” Double Helix 4 (2016).

Castaneda, Clarissa . “Archival Principles, Performative Flowerings, and Counterpoint in Ben Jonson’s Masques.” The Ben Jonson Journal (2014), 21.1: 38-52.

Cheang, Kai Hang. “On the Curious Case of a Black Slave Owner in Edward P. Jones’s The Known World — or a Queer Reading of Black Abjection and Autonomy.” Gender Forum 50 (2014).

— . “Exultant and Cautionary Imagining at the Interstices of Architecture, Technology and Culture: An Interview with Olalekan Jeyifous.” Science Fiction Studies (2016), 43:2: 419-423.

Contreras, Alicia. “‘I’ll Publish Your Cowardice All Over California’: María Amparo Ruiz de Burton’s The Squatter and the Don in the Age of William Dean Howells and American Realism.” American Literary Realism (Spring 2017).

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Garascia, Ann. “Handcrafting Archives: the Sounds of the Cockettes’ Intimate Archiving Practices,” forthcoming in Criticism: A Quarterly for Literature and the Art (2017).

—. The Freak Show’s ‘Missing Links’: Krao Farini and the Pleasures of Archiving Prehistory.” Journal of Victorian Culture (2016), 21.4.

Gautreau, Justin. “‘Movie Plots Pushed into Prose’: The Extra Girl, Will Hays, and the Novel of Silent Hollywood.” Adaptation (2014).

—. “‘Clearer Than Real’: A History of Mediated Realities in Pynchon’s Against the Day.” Genre (2014), 47.2: 141-170.

Gold, Rochelle. “”Reparative Social Media: Resonance and Critical Cosmopolitanism in Digital Art,” forthcoming in Criticism: A Quarterly for Literature and the Art.

Hall, Kimberly. “Selfies and Self-Writing: Cue Card Confessions as Social Media Technologies of the Self,” Television and New Media, 17:3, 2016.

—. “The Writing Is on the Wall: Epidemiology and the Anticipated Ends of Social Media.” In Endemic: Essays in Contagion Theory. Kari Nixon and Lorenzo Servitje eds. Palgrave MacMillian (2016): 121-141.

—. “The authenticity of social-media performance: lonelygirl15 and the amateur brand of Young-Girlhood.” Women and Performance (2015), 25: 128-142.

Jarvis, Michael. “‘All in the Day’s Work’: Cold War Doctoring and Its Discontents in William Burroughs’s Naked Lunch.” Literature and Medicine (2017): 183-202.

Johnston, Katy Warren. “Metadata, Metafiction and the Stakes of Surveillance in Jennifer Egan’s A Visit from the Goon Squad.” American Literature (2017).

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Lovegreen, Alan. “Aerial Homesteading: Aerofuturism in Interwar America,” Criticism (2015).

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—. “Keep Your Mind in the Gutter: Engendering Empathy through Participatory Delusion in the Graphic Adaptation of Shutter Island.” Journal of Medical Humanities 36.3 (2015): 81-198. (Online first version published November 2013)

—. “Birthed from the Clinic: The Degenerate Medical Students of Edward Berdoe’s St. Bernard’s.” Critical Survey. Special issue on Victorian Science. 27.2 (2015): 21-35

—. “Digital Mortification of Literary Flesh: Computational Logistics and Violences of Remediation in Visceral Games’ Dante’s Inferno.” Games and Culture 9.5 (2014): 368-388.

Sherazi, Melanie M. ed., King Comus, a novel by William Demby with introduction and notes on text by Melanie Sherazi, Ishmael Reed Publishing Company (forthcoming 2017).

—. “The Posthumous Text and its Archive: Toward an Ecstatic Reading of Ralph Ellison’s Unbound Novel.” MELUS: The Journal of the Multi-Ethnic Literature of the United States (2017).

—. “‘Playing it out like a play’: Joe Christmas and Joanna Burden’s Erotic Masquerade in William Faulkner’s Light in August.” Mississippi Quarterly (2014) 67: 483-506.

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—. “Afrofuturist Ecologies.” Afrofuturism in Time and Space. Edited by Isiah Lavender and Lisa Yaszek. (Forthcoming 2017).